nose ring girl

i have a nose ring--a small sparkly stud, really, that i got when i was a junior in college as an ode to the waning days of youth. i imagined i'd have to take it out after graduation, when i entered the "real world."

my parents are not fans of said nose ring. one time when i was home on break it fell out, and my mom suggested that its loss was perhaps the result of God's will. i wasn't so sure.

God didn't seem to mind so much, and i found gainful employment as a youth pastor, despite the piercing. it turns out that the Man isn't bothered by nose studs either, and i later got a civil servant job at the housing authority. actually, the only employer who ever minded my nose ring was camp, so i would take it out during the summers, but even they had a change of heart and trusted me this summer to minister to staff and campers, nose ring and all.

i've been in the "real world" for some time. i'm 28, i have a husband and baby, professional experience in government and ministry (ok, and food service), and a life in a conservative small town. but i still rock the nose ring of my 21 year-old-self, and i like it.


Susie said...

Great picture:-)

Eli's Lids said...

Funny post! Except I can't see the fabulous-not-too-big nose ring in the picture :)

Amy Y said...

I have a nose ring, too :)
I didn't get it until I was maybe 26? Trying to hold on to my youth... and replace the belly button ring that no longer looks good, what with stretch marks and all.

annie said...

i have a nose ring, too. :) i got it when i was 21, a month before i graduated college. my parents told me i'd never find a decent job with it, but since then i've worked as a youth assistant at a (very) conservative church, a mental health technician at a residential facility, a sign language interpreter, and a strings teacher at a local elementary school. :) i also have a tattoo of the words I AM on the top of my left wrist. i got the nose ring after reading ezekial 16 and felt the Lord using that passage to 'reclaim' me.

anyway, i think it's pretty cool. :) that's one funny picture. i don't have any decent photos of me that work with that site. i'll have to take one just to see what i looked like in 1967. :)

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