fort daze

i biked into town today, which was an accomplishment on two fronts:

1. i rode my new bike for the first time, post-vacation.

2. i was entirely baby-free. (jim worked from home with dylan.)

where was i going? to work! it was my first day at mommy gear, a store owned by a woman at my church that sells nursing clothes, breast pumps, and baby gifts. the store is the official breastfeeding and baby changing site of fort ligonier days, the giant fall festival that started today, turning our little town into and absolute zoo, except with fewer animals, more crafts, and a lot more food. (mmmm, gyros and blackberry pie.) and sometimes a little of this:
(this is me "paddling" camp's float in the parade two years ago. it also featured a climbing wall and mini zipline.)

the plan for tomorrow is to check out a little of the parade and festivities (unless dylan is napping...), and then i'll put in a few more hours at the store. i'm just going to work a few hours one day a week, but i'm looking forward to it, especially since they are such a great resource in the community for nursing moms.

hopefully i can get some good pictures at fort days. i wish i had my camera this morning when i stepped outside the shop and noted a costumed older gentlemen in a tri-cornered hat wrestling with a port-a-john. welcome to my world:)

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Mary Ann Hartzell said...

Look at you, you go girl! Loved your blog today and being welcomed to your world. I LOVE IT WHEN THERE ARE PICTURES, physical and mental. my mind is enjoying the colonial garbed fellow wresting the port a-john! Is the hooded fellow in the canoe Jim? Bless his heart for working with Dylan at home and giving you space to spread your wings. You will be a wonderful resource at a young mother's store and it's good for you to get to be out in the adult world too. I'm proud of you and how you share the gifts God has lavished on you. I am so pleased that you had a good experience at the mops group in Greensburg. I loved being a mentoring mom for Mops and the young moms were such a good support for one another. I long and pray for you to have Faith sister relationships to enrich you your days while you live in Ligonier. I hope you get to have that gyro and Blackberry pie.Love Mom xo

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