i heart baking soda: green cleaning and household uses

i buy baking soda in bulk for washing dylan's diapers and deodorizing the diaper pail, and i'd been meaning to try it for other cleaning tasks. this week i used it to successfully tackle two nasty household jobs--scrubbing our stove top and deodorizing a funky-smelling couch pillow.

let me first say, that jim and i have had terrible luck with our oven/stove. when we first moved in, we inadvertently lit some kid of chemical fire, thanks to previous tenants who left a lil something special on a burner. we found black ash on both floors of the house for quite some time after that so we took out the burner and made do with three. other than that, it was a great stove.

we live at a camp, and our housing is graciously provided. when someone donated their old stove, camp exchanged it for ours, thinking that it would be an upgrade since it had four burners. as it turned out, not so much, because its four burners had just two settings--off, and burn-your-food high. bah!

we made do, and after a while another donation came in. third time's the charm, right?

well, sort of. the "new" stove was filthy. really, really icky. (what is with people donating nasty and/or broken stuff to non-profits and then presumably claiming a tax write-off? booo!)

i set to disinfecting like mad. it wasn't sparkling, but at least the outside wasn't sticky anymore. (i know, ew.)

the stove was usable, but i still hadn't done an intense, remove-all-the-burners and scrub-everything clean. baking soda completely did the trick, without a lot of elbow grease. i thought i'd have to replace the metal dish parts since they were so bad, but after soaking them in baking soda and water, they are also much improved.

baking soda even made our tea kettle sparkle. it always sits on the burner, and then cooking oils render it gross-looking after a bit. scrubbing it clean can be a nightmare, but baking soda cleaned it in under two minutes. perfect!

my other baking soda success story is my couch pillow. it was smelling less-than-fresh, and my first attempt at scrubbing only seemed to push the stink around. i sprinkled it liberally with baking soda, rubbed it in good, and left it overnight. the next day, i vacuumed it thoroughly, and it was remarkably improved. i repeated the process again, and it now smells clean, fresh, and much better if i'd used one of those chemical-filled perfume sprays that only mask odor.

cleaning with baking soda is cheap, green, and easy. it also works wonders on clogged drains. if you have more baking soda tips, please leave me a comment. i'd love to expand my repertoire.


Beth said...

it's also great in place of store bought teeth whiteners. put a little on your toothbrush, add a little water, scrub away and your teeth will be much whiter and very clean feeling. don't do it too often though, it's pretty abrasive. i love the stove cleaning use of baking soda too... and the tea kettle. both nasty jobs without the soda.

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

I like to sprinkle some baking soda in the trash can, under the bag. Also, a couple of weeks ago when Sydney had a really bad diaper rash, I put some baking soda in her bath water to try and soothe her skin.

Katie said...

Oh, I hadn't thought to try baking soda on pillows! That's great, thanks :)

suzannah | the smitten word said...

we've also turned glass jars into baking soda shakers for under each sink, and now that's what we use for scouring sinks, countertops, toilets, and tubs. We also have one with the changing table for the diaper pail.

baking soda is such a great cleaner and deoderizer!

care-in said...

I'm going to try this on our tea kettle. What about silver? Have you ever tried it on silver? I have a tussie mussie from our wedding but it's really tarnished and I want to clean it.

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