little fox went out on a chilly night...

so, that fox i saw last week? it turns out he is our little neighbor, and i see him (her?) most every day. our house is on the edge of a really big field, and he lives out in the middle of it. he scampers all over the field, playing and driving my dog nuts. perhaps this was a bad idea, but the other day jim let sydney out, and she happily chased the fox all the way into the woods. she caught up to him in an instant. i suppose this is fitting, as she may be part fox hound--just doing what she was created to do:) i got a little worried when sydney took off like lightning, but she actually came back when called. unlike this time.

i don't think sydney knows quite what to make of this interloper. yesterday, dylan and i were in the kitchen, and sydney started barking like a mad dog at the front door. i went over, and even with his head start, i saw the little fox running out of our yard. he must have been really close to get sydney so riled.

jim took these pictures through his binoculars. i didn't even believe you could do that, but here's the proof:


look at those cute ears! just past our clothesline
fluffy tail
i like to pounce!
i know i talk a lot about how much i miss the city, but this little fox is way more awesome than the freak shows who were some of our neighbors back in pittsburgh. i'm kind of smitten:)


carrhop said...

Pictures thru the binoculars?!? Now how cool is that?!?!

Your little neighbor is darling! We had a fox in one of our previous neighborhoods where we had big lots and tons of mature trees--I loved getting to see him every now and then. Foxes seem to be the perfect blend of cat and dog--they are just beautiful and cute and feline and canine!


Debbie said...

We have red foxes in our neighborhood. They are beautiful.

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