last night, dylan and i attended an obama rally in pittsburgh. getting out there was a bit of an ordeal, but i'm so glad thankful we could be there. it was at the mellon arena, and it was incredible to be among tens of thousands of different people eager for something new and better for america.

we were waaaay up high (hence my fuzz fuzz photography), but dylan and i enjoyed looking out over so much activity and excitement. sen. obama gave a rousing, inspired speech, but with the baby, i didn't get any notes. you can read TIME's recap here.

even though senator casey and governor rendell spoke, the honor of introducing obama went to steelers' owner dan rooney. i told you football was a big deal in this town!

{this was not miss dylan's first foray into politics. 

see pics from the peace march we attended last spring here.}


Sara said...

Sweet! It looks like he's right in front of you! There were rumors of Obama coming to Chile, but then only one of his aides came. So anti-climatic.

Amy Y said...

What a great experience, brave Mama taking her baby to an Obama rally! We had one here in Denver last weekend but unfortunately did not attend. My boys are older so I can't wear them to make sure they don't get lost in the crowd! ;)

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