in light of yesterday's steelers post, i probably should admit something. i said that i'm not really a football fan, but will wave a terrible towel every now and again. the thing it, that doesn't quite paint a full picture of the paul household and our football proclivities.

what i am about to show you is anathema here and probably means we aren't worthy to call western PA home, but i thought you should know what happened last sunday when we watched the redskins/browns game at our friends' house:

this is dylan as an itty bitty cleveland browns cheerleader, outfitted in love by her aunt christie. oh yeah, and playing with a cat toy.

as to this picture, there really are no words:
except, perhaps, why doesn't my husband own a normal fan tee or jersey? and who else but a cleveland browns fan in the pittsburgh diaspora would include a hard hat in his football-watching wardrobe?

(i should have gotten a picture of their family, too, all six decked out in redskins jerseys. pretty cute.)


Jennifer said...

First - ha! LOVE that Daddy and daughter photo!

Second, no, you are not a stalker (us barn-photo-takers have to stick together, right?!) and here is where you can find those community organizer gizmos:

Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

The second picture is precious. Yes, Jim does look a bit ridiculous :-) but that just adds to the charm. Plus, it'll give Dylan a chance to poke fun at Dad in the future to help make up for all the pictures she'll be embarrassed about 15 years from now. :-)


Unknown said...

I love it! Glad to see she fits it so well! GO BROWNIES!
What a football dichotomy in your household. Thanks for sharing the cute pics!

Kay Aker said...

Dylan is cuteness personified!

Suzy Leonard said...

Do you have any idea just how much joy that picture brings me? I heart it! especially the hat...who knew it was something out of the ordinary:) Go Browns!!

carrhop said...

She looks just waaayyyyy too cute--but just a note...I'm pretty sure she might just look even a smidge cuter in an Oklahoma Sooners cheerleading uniform....just sayin'

Blessings!~ ;o)

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