wild living

dylan is asleep, jim is out on property archery hunting, and sydney was just out barking on her runner--not an ideal combination. she's a good dog and never barks in the house, but she can drive me crazy out on that runner. she often will seemingly bark at nothing, but when i went out i saw what was causing the commotion--a fluffy-tailed red fox, scampering through the field!

last night, jim, dylan and i had dinner with the family of camp's executive director. their house is up the hill and from it they can look down on dozens of deer, and last night we saw an albino doe.

we also enjoyed the company of two other neighbors, an intern and the summer camp director, who asked over spaghetti, "do you ever feel that you have to explain to people that we don't actually live in a commune here at camp?"


carrhop said...

How beautiful! It's supposed to be really rare to see an albino doe in nature, right? Because they don't have the advantage of the camouflage of the brown coloring--what an incredible sight!!

Okay, cracking up at your brown sugar/pie crust stash!! I think I like your hoarding better than mine!

Wendy said...

You have something waiting for you at my place. When you see it just smile and go with it!

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