happy birthday, dylan!

my baby girl is one today! she has been holding up one finger, and so we've been telling her "that's right, dylan, you're ONE!" (her finger is pretty much a modified point, but whatever:)

her grandma, grandpa, and uncle josh are coming tomorrow to celebrate this milestone together. it really is hard to believe that it has been a year. we're so thankful for our little thanksgiving baby. here are some pictures chronicling dylan's first year:

i loved those naps!

best buddies

she looks like such a tiny doll!

getting stronger, learning to play

lovin' her sling

babe in a hat

this is dylan at seven months, the first day she said "mamma"


out for a ride

dylan's second trip to nyc with aunt b

animal ears = awesome

first snow (there is more covering the ground today, but our neighbors were eager to get their sled on;)

at one, dylan says mama, daddy, baby, puppy, hi, bye, no, and "ducky." she can sign "all done" and repeats other words sometimes. she doesn't yet walk but is very active, mobile, and curious! dylan loves people and waves enthusiastically at everyone. (because of this, the grocery store might just be her favorite place) dylan is a happy, friendly baby who so far has no stranger anxiety. even though dylan can be fussy at home and fight us over sleep, it is such a blessing that she is almost always good when we are out. she loves to play games with daddy, knock anything over, and read books about animals. this morning in the car, green day was on the radio, and i looked in my mirrow and dylan was bouncing and waving her arms to the music.

dylan appears to be over her food issues, praise God! she had another vomiting episode a few weeks ago, but it was the only time in two months. i think she associates spoon-fed foods with sickness, so i can't get her to eat applesauce, oatmeal or anything pureed, but she is becoming more adept and adventurous in the self-feeding department. dylan will happily eat most anything as long as she is in charge:) i'm so thankful we made it to a year with nursing, especially since she had so many eating hurdles. we go to her doctor on monday and hopefully we'll learn that she's gained some good weight since last visit.

dylan elizabeth, you are an incredible gift and blessing, and we thank God for you, sweet baby girl.


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Dylan! What a great recap of Dylan's first year. She is so precious. We celebrate her with you and can't wait to see you guys and give big hugs!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN! We hope to meet you someday :) xoxo

  3. Happy birthday, beautiful Dylan! And congratulations on the first year of motherhood, Suzannah!

  4. Yay, Happy Day :) Such an exciting year!

    I agree with you about the animal ears - ALWAYS makes me smile.

    And, I wish Dylan could come show Evan that all foods he doesn't recognize are not bad. He's gone from willing to eat anything I put in his mouth to outright refusal to put anything in his mouth himself that he doesn't recognize. Ah well, the trials of parenting.

  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog the other day. Your little girl is such a sweetie! I love the name Dylan for a girl. Congratulations on turning one! That seems like such a long way off for us right now (Liam just turned 8 months), but I know it'll go a lot faster than we think.
    Your blog is great. I knew I found a kindred spirit when I saw both Langston Hughes and a beagle! (we have a 4-year old beagle named Dahlia :-)

  6. Aw, happy belated birthday to your little girl! What a cute, bright-eyed, and smiley baby she is. :) I love the ones of her in the sling and sleeping on you...I miss those early naps, too! I hope the celebration was wonderful!:)


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