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typical weekends during this installment of our post-baby, small town life are not, shall we say, thrilling. we've pretty much traded late nights for low-key family time. jim usually works saturdays, and apart from church, our weekends aren't all that different from the rest of the week. we like curling up with a dvd or book, but there is definitely something to be said for going out and time with friends.

this weekend, amazingly, i had actual plans both nights. friday i went to an event with MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers), and afterward a group of us got a drink together. jim and i have only been out once since dylan was born, and i haven't really had a girls' night in about a million years, so as silly as it sounds, it felt a little momentous! MOPS is at a church in another town, and i've just recently starting going. last night i finally felt like i was starting to connect with people.

then tonight we had dinner again with the two couples we spent halloween with, and it was really fun. among us we had six kids ages four and under, and dylan loved crawling around with the big girls. it was such a great evening.

i feel really thankful for new friends and opportunities to connect. i'm thankful that dylan slept at night for periods longer than three hours twice this week. (little victories!) i'm thankful that today dylan ate carrots, pasta, and cheese like a champ. i'm thankful that jim got off work early, and we were able to just be, without errands or check lists. it was a good day.


Leeanne said...

So I was talking to Jim and we both think that we should all hang out more,, this Friday, we could all go to Ibiza and eat a hundred dollars worth of tapas and Sangria. But seriously, because I have that gift card.
I will call you. :)
I invited you for soup tomorrow night, but Jim says you are going to someone's house already.

Anonymous said...

So much of this sounds momentous! Getting out those first few times is huge, even if only for a drink with friends. Savor those moments. And yes, sleeping for more than three consecutive hours - huge! I hear you.

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting:)

Mary Ann Hartzell said...


TAMI said...

It's a blessing to have authentic connections - ones that will rejoice with you when you rejoice, and mourn with you who mourn. Just by reading the comments that have come before mine, I see you have some great ones!!

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