the state of things

life around here has been crazy-like over the past few days with work, halloween, lots of baking for church, making election calls, a trip to pittsburgh to meet an old friend and a stop in at the national youth workers' convention. plus, we've been battling a two-front war with dylan (never a good idea!) involving eating and sleeping. not such a fan of the food, that one. what she is a fan of is waking every 2 1/2 - 3 hours all night long crying and demanding to nurse. also skipping naps. booooo. she used to sleep through the night, in those halcyon days before camp and vomiting broke the good thing we had going.

dylan also used to eat anything, but for the love of all things holy, she now refuses pears, bananas, applesauce, and most whole foods. i did get her to feed herself pasta and potatoes, which i claimed as a little victory until i started worrying about her becoming one of those white bread kids who eat only hot dog buns and buttered noodles. (i know, i get extra-judgey without sleep!)

the bright spot today was a great hike around camp with sydney and dylan in the backpack, and we got a few good shots to boot:

dylan assuaged some of my fears by eating a few bites of wheat toast, and she actually gobbled sharp cheddar, proving that she is definitely our child. please pray that we can get dylan to eat fruit, veggies, and actual meals so we can take this nighttime waking/crying/nursing thing and "cut it in the butt," as our friend is known to say unintentionally;)


Debbie said...

I ate mustard on white bread for lunch when I was a kid. Doesn't that just make you sick? Healthy vegetarian now - so there is hope.

Mary Ann Hartzell said...

Your pediatrician had me grind up chicken and bananas as your first food. He wasn't a fan of cereal; he saw it as just filler. You seemed to like it and rapidly began to eat other ground up table foods. Why not give it a try? I hope she sleeps well tonight so you all can rest well. Love, Mom

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