a thankful heart prepares the way for you, my God

Though our mouths were full of song as the sea,
and our tongues of exultation as the multitude of its waves,
and our lips of praise as the wide-extended firmament;
though our eyes shone with light like the sun and the moon,
and our hands were spread forth like the eagles of heaven,
and our feet were swift as hinds,
we should still be unable to thank thee and bless thy name,
O Lord our God and God of our fathers,
for one thousandth or one ten thousandth part of the bounties which thou has bestowed upon our fathers and upon us.
{Hebrew Prayer}

Today I am grateful for: truth-tellers, whistleblowers and prophets; bridge-builders, mediators, meditators and artists; the beauty of autumn; good friends with whom to toast marshmallows.
--Sister Baya Clare

Lord, you lavish us with blessing: time with family, warm homes and loving arms, good food and health, and your compassions, new every morning. thank you for your great faithfulness, grace, and love. open our eyes and turn our hearts outward and upward, that we may we cultivate thankfulness and honor you with our lips and our lives. in Jesus' name.


Mary Ann Hartzell said...


Mimi said...

I love the Hebrew prayer.

Debbie said...

Wonderful. Thanks for bringing us back to what matters.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Beautiful thoughts, Suzannah. I especially liked Sister Clare's words that border on the prophetic. Thanks for visiting the blog. You're welcome anytime.

PS: "dress casual" at 26 sounds pretty right on to me at 42!

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