i grew up in suburban philadephia and didn't know anyone who hunted. my dad's hobbies leaned more toward map reading, marathon running, and lawn mowing with a classic push mower. our family and neighbors purchased meat at the supermarket like normal 20th century consumers.

when i met jim he wasn't a hunter, either: he was a rock climber. sexy hobby, no? these days jim is more likely to be found in a tree stand than on belay. (well, recreationally; his job actually does require him to be on belay a good bit.) while camo and hunter orange aren't exactly my favorite look on a man, jim's hunting keeps our freezer stocked with free range, hormone-free, and well, free meat. who wouldn't appreciate that?

yesterday was opening day of rifle season, which around here is akin to a religious holiday. they close the schools. jim got a seven point buck, and he is thrilled. tonight he grilled the most delicious venison tenderloin steaks, and even dylan, our petite and sometimes picky sixteen and half pound baby gobbled them up like the country-born babe she is.

but dylan is no mere country babe; she appears to have a sophisticated palate. our wee one who balked at pureed foods for months savored her aunt christie's cumin and ginger-spiced butternut squash soup this thanksgiving. we are just so thankful she is eating again!


Cathy said...

That's great! I couldn't hunt, but I applaud people who can. Free, hormone-free meat--who couldn't ask for more? :)

Anonymous said...

i want aunt christie's soup recipe! would she share??

Anonymous said...

All right, Jimmy!!! How cool is that! Now, what do you do for the rest of the season? I'm so glad Dylan is enjoying the fruit of his labor. Good picture, too.

suzannah | the smitten word said...

cathy--yeah, actual hunting doen't appeal to me at all, either, but since we aren't vegetarians, it's at least good to know where our meat comes from and how it got to our table. the idea freaked me out initially, but i've come to appreciate the benefits.

keila--i'm working on it...i'll get it to you soon. it was really good!

thanks, mom:) i wish i could tell you we fill the void with lots of exciting plans, but the hunting season never quite ends...jim could still get a doe, then there is late-season archery, migratory bird seasons...it goes on and on!

Kelly said...

Hurray Jim! And yay for Dylan! So glad to hear she's eating well for you :) And free, fresh meat--come on, who doesn't love that! :)

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