created in the image of a creative God

six things that bring the joy:

1. dylan's laughter and cuddles.

2. family "weekends." jim works most saturdays, and sundays can feel a little crazy since dylan misses a nap at church. this week, we got a dusting of snow and they cancelled church because the roads were slick. we had a wonderful family day at home, including sleeping in, advent readings in bed, homemade belgian waffles, and meet the press. then we spent much of monday together, too:) 

3. christmas trees. ours is fake, since we wanted a little one we could put on a table out of reach of little hands, but it's still beautiful! i love the warm lights and our old and homemade ornaments. 

4. adventurous cooking with jim and reading cook books.

5. e-z pass. cruising past cars waiting in line to pay tolls makes me feel smug happy. 

6. indulging my creative side.  alana at gray matters wrote a post on decoupaging canvas that inspired me to make the project above for my sister-in-love, christie. i've been collaging since middle school, but the canvas really made it look nice, and i'm pleased with how it turned out. i'm thankful for the inspiration to try something new.


Debbie said...

I love a good deal too. But this year I am so fr behind, I would just take inspiration at a regular price!

Kay Aker said...

Beautiful collage!

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