how's that eyeball, swashbuckler?

jim was out in the woods walking sydney when he caught a thorn in his eye. thankfully, it happened in the white and not the iris or retina or anything, but still, eye injury equals no fun for sure, especially while we're away during the holidaze. thankfully, my best friend from childhood is an opthamologist, (really!) and she and her parents were on their way over for dinner when it happened.  mariah called in a prescription, and hopefully everything will heal up well soon.

after delicious curry and drunken noodles, my brother josh, sister bethany, mariah, jim, and i went out while while grandma and grandpa watched dylan. we had so much fun laughing, catching up, and running into old friends.  i hate living so far away from my family and cherish the times we spend all together.

yesterday we enjoyed a great visit with my grandma, and today my sister tiffany, dylan, and i spent a lovely afternoon visiting two local wineries. now, oddly, i have the house all to myself, as everyone else has gone home and jim is away. dylan is asleep, and she has been sleeping fairly well here.  i mean she's no "little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes" or anything, but i tend to think that line is a romantic fantasy, anyway;) dylan has been so playful, talkative and busy! it's fun to watch my family take such delight in our little girl.

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Unknown said...

Jim wasn't trying to point out anyone else's speck in their eye when this happened was he? Hope he is feeling better. ;) I am glad you all are having a wonderful time. Enjoy the rest of your trip. We miss you guys and love you tons!

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