lovin'... husband, who made delicious fajitas tonight, and then washed all the dishes while i was nursing dylan. he's amazing:) sweet baby girl, not usually a cuddler, has taken to putting her head on my shoulder. senior high small group. last night we had a great discussion on servant leadership and Jesus washing his disciples' feet, followed by an equally spirited discussion about the Twilight books and movie. one of my girls is bringing me New Moon next week:) leche league. i went to my first meeting this week and met a group of warm, interesting, local moms of babies.

except for dylan being up at all hours, it's been a really good week.


  1. I was a La Leche League leader for years. Glad you found some nice women. I loved my group and still consider some of them my closest friends.

  2. What a great week. I'm glad you were able to meet some women with babies. I think it's so important to have friends in the same situation as you are. And enjoy those baby snuggles!

  3. I wish I had joined LaLeche while I was nursing!! It's wonderful to have the support.


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