merry christmas to all...

christmas with a toddler is such a joy.  there were dancers at church last night, and dylan watched wide-eyed and attentively.  she was singing and "talking" during the quieter readings, so i stood with her in the back in her sling until my mom forced enthusiastically encouraged me take her up for the very long children's sermon.  i hadn't been up for one of those in quite some time!  dylan did like being with the bigger kids with a front row seat to the action.

it was fun to be back at the little church i grew up in, seeing dear family friends like lori, who met dylan for the first time with tears in her eyes.  her daughters were babies when she taught my sunday school class, and now her beautiful girls are grown and i'm the young mom.

this morning dylan loved the tree, wrapping papers and ribbons, wonderful books and wooden toys.  she's been delighting her grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle with her happy smiles and growing vocabulary.

we enjoyed a big breakfast of veggie omelets, belgian waffles, and bacon and have had a restful family day.  we're looking forward to celebrating more with my grandma and sister tiffany on saturday.

joy to the world, the Lord is come.  let earth receive her king!  let every heart prepare him room.

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