a capital trek

dylan and i spent a fantastic weekend in dc, capping off a long holiday of traveling. i went down to see katie, my best friend from middle school who was in for christmas and to attend a party that liz, my college roommate, was having.

i graduated from william and mary (a virginia state school), and many of my friends remain in the dc area. it's not all that far away, but even before the baby i didn't make the trip much, and it had been almost two years. i missed my girls and was tired of saying no, so after one short night at home, it was back in the car!

unexpectedly, i had company for the ride with two camp friends, lisa and amy, and it was wonderful spending time with them. dylan and i stayed with lisa at her mom's place in georgetown. i met katie for dinner in capitol hill, and dylan entertained us by enthusiastically sharing my panang chicken and trying to get the attention of another one-year-old diner. katie wasn't able to come to our wedding, and we hadn't seen each other since college. in middle school we were completely inseparable, and it was fun to spend a little time together as "grown-ups."

i love that dylan is so willing to try new foods. on saturday we stopped at a mediterranean restaurant i used to love when i attended american university for a semester. i ordered a sampler of variously spiced stews, and again dylan eagerly tried everything...lamb, lentils, israeli couscous. we visited my friend lara from high school and finally met her wonderful husband and spent the night with my aunt and uncle in maryland, where dylan again demonstrated her adventurous palate by eating indian dhal with us. i lived with my aunt and uncle for the semester i studied in dc, and it was great visiting with them.

sunday we went to liz's three kings' celebration. her mom is from spain and made the largest dish of paella i've ever seen. the food and sangria were delicious, and it was fun introducing dylan to so many college friends. i thought we'd have to leave early because dylan would get fussy, but she loved the bustle and activity, and we stayed the whole time. it was only an afternoon, but it was amazing spending even a little time with the people i love best and dearly miss.

we met up with amy again and drove back to ligonier. amy babysat dylan this summer when i worked, and she was a lifesaver on the trip, keeping dylan happy when she refused to sleep.

we are all happy to be home. dylan was such a trooper throughout our travels, but the activity and missed sleep finally caught up with her: dylan woke last night with croup, barking like a sad little seal. she is doing much better today.

it was such a good weekend! i am so thankful for my friends and family. i'm thankful i managed to navigate dc in a car, having only ever previously travelled by metro. i'm so glad that dylan remained happy and healthy while we were there. it was a joy to walk around the city with dylan in the sling and to finally introduce her to some of the people who know me best. we missed jim, but he was able to take some much-needed sabbath at home, so it all worked out perfectly.

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Becky said...

I just sent you an email but forgot to add, I find the prayer "please help me to be the mother I want to be" very fortifying in times of need.

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