go steelers!

jim and i were praying together on the way to church the other day. after he finished, jim said, "that was weird."


"i just felt the need to say, 'go steelers!'"

that's actually considered an appropriate way to close just about any speech, conversation, announcement, and yes, even prayer around here--especially this time of year.

at church, our priest said he thought perhaps the alter guild had overlooked something in setting up the alter that morning, and he proceeded to drape a terrible towel over the pulpit.

steelers football is serious business.

dylan and i came home yesterday to two surprise steelers goodies, one from my sister tiffany for dylan, and another from my friend leeanne for me. we're gonna suit up in style for the superbowl!

(leeanne's accompanying note read "political slogan + mike tomlin = best. t-shirt. ever." indeed:)

of course both notes were signed "go steelers!"

i wonder if president obama will wear his steelers jersey for the big game?

what are the sports fans like where you live? will you watch the superbowl?

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