25 things

1. i live at the summer camp i went to as a kid and worked at in college.

2. when i was a counselor, i taught lacrosse and hockey nearly every day. in our staff video, i appear to be a fierce coach, which misled jim to believing that he was marrying someone athletic and outdoorsy.

3. i do love being outside when the weather is nice. on a camping trip in WV, we did a crazy mountain scramble/rock climb called the Via Ferrata. it was scary and beautiful, and i loved it.

4. if i were an american gladiator, my name would be Bonesaw.

5. rhode island is my favorite place to vacation. my perfect day would involve biking out and spending the day beneath the cliffs at the beach on block island.

6. though biking in pittsburgh initially scared me, i learned to like it. i judge you if you don't wear a helmet.

7. i was a youth pastor at a church in pittsburgh. i love hanging out with teenagers and talking to them about Jesus.

8. my religion degree actually came in handy, as i wrote most of our bible studies and curriculum.

9. i also majored in history. i especially love US history in the gilded age and progressive era. i'm a school nerd.

10. Jesus said he came to preach good news to the poor, freedom for the prisoners, recovery of sight for the blind, and to release the oppressed (Luke 4:18). it kills me when people try to "spiritualize" away the social implications of the gospel in passages like this.

11. i spent my senior year in college studying poverty and community in washington DC. when the plane went down at the pentagon on 9/11, i was waiting for the metro.

12. i came back a lot more politically-engaged than i was when i left.

13. i've been married six years and have a baby girl who is 14 months.

14. her name is a nod to bob dylan.

15. dylan amazes me every day with her excitement, curiosity, and vocabulary.

16. childbirth and breastfeeding have transformed the way i see myself and body, in a positive way.

17. i'm still trying to figure out what this "stay-at-home mom" thing looks like.

18. i won't do it forever, and i do miss the challenges of a professional life, but i am satisfied in this season of being present for dylan's needs, joys, and firsts.

19. i love cookbooks, cooking shows, comfort food, dessert for breakfast, breakfast for dinner, diners, fine dining, international fare, venison, vegetarian, grocery shopping, the farmers' market, the food section, baking, bbq, and breaking bread with friends.

20. watching TMZ is a true guilty pleasure.

21. i remember the lyrics to nearly every song i've ever heard--pop songs, jingles, tv themes, songs from kids' choir or health class videos--but i couldn't tell you my own cell phone number or the birthday of almost anyone i didn't grow up with.

22. i'm learning to practice the discipline of meditation/centering prayer.

23. we use cloth diapers with dylan and are making efforts to reduce our consumption and waste and to repurpose and repair what we already have.

24. when my sisters, brother, parents and i are all together, it's pretty much my favorite thing. no one makes me laugh like my siblings, and it's hard living so far away from family.

25. i love city living, honesty, meaningful conversation, singing in the car, strange movies, general weirdness, writing, my family, and my God.


Unknown said...

Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog and was amazed by how alike we seem from our "25 things" - I have a 5 month old and am definitely still trying to figure out the whole stay-at-home mom thing. Plus, I work with kids in poverty and my husband and I both work for a summer-camp for these kids. Anyways, just thought i'd say HI -- I'm looking forward to reading more!

lauren debo said...

i enjoyed reading this. :-D

you are such a beautiful person suz.

i love you.

Debbie said...

This is the best one of these lists I have read. I learned so many fascinating things about you. It must have been terrifying to be in DC on 9/11.

Anonymous said...

You are too cool! I love Rhode Island...my husband and I lived in Newport for a year and a half and fell in love with it. If I could afford to buy something there I would.

I also agree with everything on your #19. If I could do anything I wanted for a career, I wouldn't be an accountant, I would be a baker with my own bakery.

I enjoyed it.


Haasiegirl said...

i was a camp counselor in college! it was a lot of fun


Kay Aker said...

Nice overview!

Misty said...

suzannah, i was drawn to look at your blog from sorta crunchy's (your comment about not wanting to feel like a monster if you did DIO w/ your little girl) and i wanted to come by and encourage you... we did the cosleeping and bfing at night w/ both my boys (2.5 and 13 mo)... until i couldn't do it physically anymore and til my marriage seemed in danger... my husband had not slept w/ me since the birth of my firstborn and my body was just so tired from lack of sleep... we did a modified CIO (i guess ferber?) when #1 was 13 mo old and when #2 was 11 mo old. it was hard, but it also worked for us. w/ #1 i felt more guilted into doing CIO b/cs all my friends' kids slept thru the night, but w/ #2 i just knew when my body'd had enough and then went in to comfort him w/out nursing. it took them both less than 2 weeks to adjust and they have both slept very well for the most part since then. please, if you feel like you need or want to CIO, don't feel badly! you've given your daughter so much already!
now actually pertaining to your post... wow, i also feel like i have tons in common with you! i've seen this list on facebook everywhere.. it was fun to read yours! i'll definitely be back to browse your blog again.. i'm glad i found you! sorry for leaving a novel-sized comment! :)

patty said...

i just stumbled and found myself here and i love this 25 things and think we'd be friends IRL. just sayin'. ;)

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