and now for some excellent cartwheels!

dylan is going through a daddy phase. she wants to know where jim is at all times and will often pause whatever she is doing to inquire, "dad?" or "dada?"

late last night, when she finished nursing, a sleepy-headed dylan asked me, "dad?"

"daddy's sleeping," i whispered.

dylan put her finger to her lips and sleepily said, "shhhhhhh."

i love that kid!

this morning, i was holding dylan, and she began pointing her finger at my and yelling, "no, no, no, no, no!"

i was horrified. we tell her "no," but i don't ever remember shaking a finger at her. where did she get this?

then she did it again: "no, no, no, no, no!" but this time, instead of just shaking her pointer finger, she actually touched my nose.

she was pointing to and identifying my nose! thank goodness. i'm certain she'll mirror back something unpleasant about myself in the not-too-distant future, but this time, i'm off the hook:)

(this post title is admittedly a non sequitur. it comes from the movie december boys and is said by a trio of sweet-awesome cartwheeling nuns. so there's that.)


Debbie said...

Those "no's" will come from you. They are inevitable!

aussiehen said...

Awww she's sooo cute, they're so much fun at this age but they can be that mirror too LOL

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