Babies R Us Accepts BPA Bottle Returns

BPA (or Bisphenol A), found in most baby bottles not made in the very recent past, is an endocrine disruptor that mimics human hormones and has been linked in studies to alarming health concerns. BPA can leech into breast milk or formula when heated, which is why many stores have pulled baby bottles with BPA from shelves and why more producers are making BPA-free bottles. Unfortunately, "heated"also includes in the dishwasher, so even if you haven't microwaved your baby bottles, they still could be leeching chemicals.

So what's a mom to do with her older BPA bottles?

The good news is many Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores are accepting returns on old Avent bottles without receipt. Each store makes its own individual policy, so you'll need to contact your particular store to find out.

At my local Toys R Us, I brought back nine Avent bottles, in 4 and 9oz sizes. I kept the nipples (which are made of silicone and have no BPA), and they didn't mind. They gave me credit for three 3-packs and issued me $24.99 in store credit, which I exchanged for a baby gate and an outlet/cord cover.

I was pretty satisfied, until I realized that buying nine more BPA-free Avent bottles, (which I anticipate doing in the future) will set me back NINETY BUCKS plus tax! Keeping that in mind, if your store offers an even exchange of your old BPA bottles for BPA-free ones, that's obviously a better deal than store credit on the price of your old bottles.

Getting money back for questionable BPA bottles works for me.


michelle said...

so good to know!

na said...

That is a wonderful tip to share!

Beth said...

With Wyatt we bought glass bottles and it wasn't that expensive. We are already transitioning to a BPA free you don't have to spend a lot - just thought I'd share.

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