fat/skinny tuesday

this morning when i woke up, the thermometer read 7 degrees. i am so ready for winter to be over! i'm tired of wearing boots, scraping ice off the car, and more often then not, living under self-imposed house arrest. i long to be outside without all the requisite outerwear!

(the temperature did go up to 27. balmy, right?)

dylan had a well-child doctor exam today. everyone remarked on her vocabulary, and she took her two shots like a champ, but there was one not-so-great revelation: dylan only weighs 17 lbs, 6 oz, putting her beneath the 3 percentile in weight! we were certain she weighed 20 lbs, and she's not even close. i mean, sure she still fits fine in her rear-facing infant car seat, but 17 lbs? our friends' baby is 4 months old and weighs more than dylan!

she's been kind of a modest/picky eater, but i've been fortifying her sippy cup of juice/milk with whole milk yogurt, and she's been enjoying lots of peanut butter. plus, i still breastfeed her. i felt disheartened, but the doctor and nurse didn't appear all that concerned. she's still a healthy kid--walking, talking, and developing properly.

our church hosted a shrove tuesday pancake dinner tonight. (i learned shrove comes from the middle english verb shrive--to absolve people of their sins--referring to english "shriveners" hearing confession before lent.) pancake breakfasts and dinners are one of my favorite things ever. growing up, our family would hit them all--the boy scouts, the lions club, churches, fire halls--if there was a pancake breakfast somewhere in the county, we were there.

unfortunately, jim had to miss the fun, but dylan and i went with leeanne, and in true fat tuesday fashion, dylan put away an entire pancake and two pieces of sausage. i don't think she'll be 17 lbs for long:)


Trisha said...

I can totally relate. We were positive Sam weighed over 20 pounds and he was just under 19 putting him in the 3rd percentile. The doctor wasn't worried either and said he was doing just fine. I am still nursing him a bit too so I am hoping that helps. He usually picks at lunch and doesn't eat much but when you give him a food he really likes (mac-n-cheese....ack, I know!) he can eat a toddler portion in a few minutes. He also eats a huge bowl of oatmeal every morning...but it's just not consistent. Oh well...I am sure he is getting enough and I just worry too much! Post some new pics of your girl :)

lauren debo said...

haha! suz i just love reading your blog! i love pancake dinners too! i just freaking love pancakes. i think i get it from my mom she absolutely adores breakfast food in general, and her particular favorite are pancakes. i would have to say that some of her favorite pancakes are the ones from Kings. i must say i enjoy those ones as well.

also, i am right there with you (as you already may know) on the whole done with winter thing. i know it's still only february (well at least the end of feb. now), but i just want winter to be over and spring to be in full bloom. i am ready for color, sunshine, and getting out of the house!

Mary Ann Hartzell said...

I sure hear you concerning winter ... enough already. And who doesn't like a good pancake breakfast? [Although I just remember the Exchange Club and the fire house's] I do remember your Dad's propensity for seeking out spaghetti dinners and I don't think he ever met a roast beef fund raiser dinner that he didn't want to try out. These days though they're not as good. The last ones we went to the beans were very canned tasting and the wonderful homemade deserts of the past seemed to be replaced with Sam's Club mass produced ones. Ah, you have made me nostalgic for the good old days. As for Dylan being light, you were always very slight, too, but healthy and active. She looks bright eyed and happy. Shalom

The Hamons said...

Yeah, Evan's still eating 3rd stage baby food with applesauce mixed in most lunches 'cause he's refusing everything else. Grrr! So much for the perfect eater. I just try to keep reminding myself that it won't last forever and, hey, at least his getting food and healthy food at that!

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