a little of this, a little of that

we've got a little walker! dylan is toddling more and more ably on her own, and i just love the pleased look on her face when she makes it to her destination by foot:)

these pictures are from nashville last week--christie and ristow, and dylan walking with her grammy and me to the playground.

dylan was a champ on the plane ride back to cleveland. we were able to sit in the front row, so we had extra leg room, no one sat in the next seat, and we were the first ones off when we landed. not too shabby:)

we got home late friday afternoon, and in the morning, friends watch dylan while jim made crepes and i slept in. what a happy valentine's day!

unfortunately, after less than 24 hours at home (in a week!), jim had to go back out again overnight for a conference. the heavy cold i caught in nashville turned into a horrible sinus infection, but thankfully jim has been home and off today and yesterday, and he's been taking care of us. after days of feeling worse and worse, i'm mercifully feeling a little better this afternoon.

dylan is amusing us by saying and identifying eye, ear, nose, and mouth and by learning the baby signs for please, thank you, and more, that she either says, signs, or both. we're so glad she's learning to be polite! (dylan was stubbornly resistant for a long time, and i'm fairly sure that battle is not yet won.) her new favorite words are dark (when we turn the light out) and dog.

dylan loves music. whenever jim stopped singing and strumming, dylan pleaded, "more?"


lauren debo said...

she's so freaking cute. i want to give her a squeeze! so precious.

keegan the little baby i watch can do the sign for more (which he does a ton, he's a super hungry fellow, so it's usually in relation to food, it's also the only word he can really say), and he has started to do please, although with please he often ends up rubbing his tummy instead of his chest, which is also very funny because it again relates to him usually being hungry.

Unknown said...

Great pictures Zan. We so loved having you down here and spending great time with you and Dylan. Glad to hear you are feeling better.
This is the age that signing can really sprout if encouraged. Ristow became great at signs and it really helped us communicate needs at that age. Great Job!

Tasha said...

Aweee thats awesome Dylan loves music. Can't wait to see her again!

Penny said...

ooohh hope the sickies leave your house real soon!
Go Dylan for walking!

Mary Ann Hartzell said...

I love the picture of Dylan walking between you and Jill. If i were more clever I would enlarge it and put it as my screen savor. Keep the pictures coming! Did you take any at your Oscar party?

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