off the radar

i'm still here, just not here here: dylan and i are in nashville. the window are open because the weather has been in the 60s. amazing!

i've barely left the house in over a month because it's snowed nearly every single day at home. dylan isn't quite big enough for snow play, and it has been so dang cold. so cold that last week we ran out of toilet paper in our upstairs bathroom and it took me three days to get out the store to buy more. snow booties and leg warmers have been my uniform, but not here. i could kick myself for not thinking to pack flip flops.

we left for ohio last weekend for jim's grampa's 80's birthday party. it had been a while since we'd seen cousins, aunts, and uncles, and most hadn't met the baby, so it was definitely good to be together.

jim stayed on in ohio, visiting colleges and churches to recruit staff and campers for next summer, and dylan and i caught a ride southbound to spend a little time with grammy, poppy, aunt christie, uncle christopher, and her cousin ristow. the eleven hour trip was not my favorite thing ever, but it's been nice to be here. dylan has been sick off on on with fever and a now a yucky cold (which i have too...booooo), but she's a trooper. i love taking her outside and can't wait for a big spring thaw at home.

on monday morning, a pipe burst and water gushed through the ceiling in their powder room and garage and soaked the first floor. thank God we weren't still out of town. the week has been pretty crazy with all sorts of people in and out and huge fans attempting to dry out the deluge.

last night jim's parents watched dylan and christie and i went out for dinner and the first movie i'd seen in the theaters in over a year. we saw he's just not that into you--i was too tired for anything serious or "oscar-worthy"--and we both really enjoyed it. dylan let her grammy and poppy put her to bed without a fuss--another praise. when i came home, i finished a wonderful book, so i guess the eleven hour car ride wasn't a complete bust:)

thankfully, they're flying us back to meet up with jim, so we only had to make it once. i wonder how miss dylan will fly the friendly skies?


lauren debo said...

warmer weather. traveling. time with family. time for yourself to relax just a little.

sounds lovely. ;-D

Leeanne said...

Flip flops! I have to tell you that it was 70 degrees here yesterday! But the ground was all muddy and gross. Bad wind storm last night, but your house is all in one piece, no visible damage. :)
I'll see you this weekend (hopefully)!

Mary Ann Hartzell said...

Glad you had a successful get away! Happy, safe home going.

Debbie said...

I'm so glad your getaway is going well.

Kay Aker said...

You're very brave to attempt an 11 hr car ride with a 1yr old!

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