holding down the fort

jim is away leading a nine-day backpacking trip in tennesee, and dylan and i are home hanging out and trying not to miss him too much. late last week the weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm, and we played in the yard for the first time in months. i even hung a load of diapers on the clothesline again.

it is so fun being outside with dylan now that she's walking. she toddles around, identifying birds and stopping to pick up pine cones. when we came in, she stood at the screen door, baby signing and calling out, "more?"

on saturday we had a wonderful dinner with camp friends and their family, and sunday we went hiking at a state park with nicole and bryan and their kids. it was cooler by then and a little overcast, but still great weather for hiking. plus, daylight savings gave us extra time on the trail.

nicole and i are finally putting our ymca memberships and their free(!) childcare to use and meeting up to exercise together. i hadn't been there in months, and it is so good to be active and to have someone to work out with.

jim got injured playing basketball a few weeks ago, and in the week leading up to his trip, he visited the chiropractor three times. he was feeling much better when he left on friday but still not 100%, and i know he'd appreciate prayers for strength and wellness, as well as for a good, safe trip. thanks:)


lauren debo said...

prayer for jim noted. :-D

yah for the ymca, and the free childcare is just awesome! that is def. a great thing to take advantage of, and it's also great to have a friend to go with.

i love that dylan signed for "more" in wanting to go outside again! i just want to give her a squeeze, so cute.

and like you i'm glad it is getting warmer! outside becomes an adventure in itself when you've been closed indoors most of the winter.

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

We have been loving the warm weather, too! The girls probably spent about 11+ hours outside from Saturday through Monday.

TAMI said...

Everybody's outdoor play sounds wonderful!!! And, GOOD FOR YOU for getting in some exercise time!

michelle said...

my dave used to lead backpacking trips with a program called la vida through gordon conwell. funny :)
enjoy the time with dylan...i know 9 days can feel like an eternity!

Jenney said...

Spring is right around the corner...I also enjoyed diapers on a clothesline yesterday...that really helps on the smell! What detergent do you use on yours?

suzannah | the smitten word said...

jenney, we use charlie's soap, and it is great at stripping detergent residue (which holds stink) and rinsing clean. it's pricey, but you only use 1 Tbsp.

we started with that, ran out, and used Sun powdered detergent for a while. (i'd read that if you didn't use Charlie's, cheap powdered stuff was second best.) but after a few months, they started to stink awfully and we went back to charlie's.

i love sunning them on the line because they brighten really well, too:)

Debbie said...

I hope the backpacking is going well.

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