i got a fever and the only prescription is more...

jim and dylan took my sister to the airport yesterday. goodbyes were said and bethany set out, bowling bag in hand, to find her terminal.

as they began to drive away, dylan called out, "more?"

"more what, dylan?" jim asked.

"more b!" dylan answered.

b is bethany. dylan wanted more aunt b. could your heart just melt?

i want more aunt b, too.

thanks b, josh, and my parents who all came out to celebrate my birthday. ok, and to see dylan. i know who the real draw is around here:)


lauren debo said...

oh that just melts my heart! :-D she's just so cute!

Penny said...

So sweet!

Misty said...

there is nothing like aunt/neice/nephew love, is there? my kiddos call my sis (beth, not bethany) bebe. and they always want more of her, too. :) so sweet.
happy belated bday!

bethany said...

heart broken...too cute...must...sit... down. every time i think about it, it hurts! i love her so much! and i love YOU so much, which is why i come for your birthday! dylan is just a bonus.

michelle said...

more cowbell!

love it! hope you had a great birthday!

Michelle J said...

Hi Suzannah!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I only was able to get through about 300 on the list but I am going to still try to visit everyone even after the party is over.

You have a real great blog and I will be stopping back to read some more!

Thanks again,

Mary Ann Hartzell said...

We came to celebrate you and your 29th birthday, but I have to say we were heart-warmed and entertained by your dear little charmer. Miss Dylan surely knows how to melt a heart and work a room! We had a wonderful family weekend. You and Jim are doing a very good job raising your little girl. We loved Jim's goose in wine sauce, too. <3 Mom and Grandma xox

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