april is the cruelest month

it's snowing again, and not just flurries, either--everything's coated and the plows were out. this has been the longest winter i can remember. it's almost easter, for goodness' sake! daffodils just aren't supposed to blanketed in snow.

i think we've only had three nice days this spring. it's really hard to imagine that in a little over six weeks, we'll be hosting a memorial day cook-out and welcoming summer staff.

we had a garage sale with a few camp families on saturday, but the super-chilly 30 degree weather but a little damper on it. we made a little money, but the plan is to do it again in a few weeks when (hopefully!) the weather warms up and encourages more people to venture out.

jim's parents and my sister tiffany will be visiting us later this week, and after easter, jim gets to take a few vacation days. our plan is to hang out here and go on some local adventures. we're thinking the zoo, biking at ohiopyle, and RENT in pittsburgh--which i am super pumped about, because the original roger and mark (who i LOVE) will both be performing! the last time we went, we scored $20 rush tickets, sat in the orchestra pit mere inches from the stage, and it was AMAZING. since we don't live in pittsburgh anymore, (and we have a kid), i don't know that we'll be camped out early for lottery seats, but hopefully we'll get tickets anyway.

other than the weather, things are pretty good. i'm feeling reasonably well, dylan is so much fun, and we're all looking forward some good family time.


Misty said...

i heart rent... seriously, little pitter patters!!! might have to go listen to my cd now!!!
glad you're feeling ok, and the image of daffodils peeking out of the snow is very lovely to me, tho i would never personally want to endure it, lol!!

lauren debo said...

we have had flurries the past two days here in indiana.

sounds like you have some fun things planned! i hope you guys enjoy every moment of fam time together! and i hope it warms up!

Stef said...

RENT! oh man, i went through a stage in my life when i loved that musical. I saw the touring cast in boston once, and i saw it once on broadway. I remember being reaaaaally disappointed that the guy playing roger didn't sound as good as the original. And i think that drew lachey was playing mark when i saw it on broadway. weird.

And i agree about the weather. i'm ready for some spring!

Debbie said...

It snowed here yesterday and I am so over it! Come on spring!

Matt and Emily said...

Matt and I want to go see RENT again in the worst way. We went last time it was in Pittsburgh. We also were inches away from the stage. We would be there if we had the money. Nose bleed section is like $25 I think.

Hope to see you soon.
How are you feeling?

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