can't get the stink out...

...it's been hanging 'round for days.

you might not want to read this. there aren't any cute pictures or baby stories--just some general yuckiness. consider yourself warned.

so, yeah. we had this funk in the mudroom. i discovered a wet rag in the hamper, washed all the laundry, baking soda-ed and vacuumed the carpet, and was pretty satisfied that to all but super-sensitized pregnant noses, things were A-OK.

then, at the computer, i smelled the funk wafting in from the powder room, which is adjacent to the mudroom. (is it normal to say "powder room" anymore? should i just call it the "downstairs bathroom"? it doesn't actually have a bath in it, but i don't really powder my nose there either. words are weird.)

anyway, so i baking soda-ed and vacuumed that carpet and again thought the situation was handled.

until jim did some reconnaissance.

i'm glad he did, but i kinda wish he hadn't. cuz knowing is only half the battle, after all.

the real funk is coming from the linen closet, and it is truly a God-awful stink, like a bunch of cats peeed in there and then killed themselves.

except they probably aren't dead cats; they're probably mice. or rat kings.

jim pulled out all the blankets and towels, and he didn't find any nests or anything, which is good, but that means the stink is Something Else. something Hidden and Decaying behind the walls or under the floor.

so we're washing everything and trying to figure out where to store them until the stink subsides. any idea on how long it takes a colony of dead mice to rest in odor-free peace?


michelle said...

hahaha, it won't be too long...but with a pregnant nose- it may seem like forever.

which reminds me that congratulations are in order! a baby on the way! so exciting!! dylan will be at a great age to be a big sister. i'll be praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy!

and this post- is hilarious. i hate mice. especially when they die in my walls.

Beth said...

oh gosh, that gave me goosebumps. there's nothing worse than a stink you can't find the source of... except maybe one that you know the source of and still can't get to it.

great catching up the other day - let's do it again soon!

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

Yuck, I hate mice. I also hate pregnant nose. We have this really cute rug that absolutely nauseated me when I was pregnant. Other times, I don't even notice any smell coming from it!

Jenney said...

we had mice die when I taught school under the lockers where no one could get at them. and the lockers were in our classrooms. and it was about 95 deg with no air conditioning. Some genius custodian thought it would be a good idea to poisen them instead of trap them where we could easily dispose of the bodies. It took about 2 weeks. So sorry ;o(

Misty said...

hmmm, as a fellow preggo-induced sensitive nose bearer, you have my sympathies. truly.
and for some reason my sidebar w/ blogroll hasn't been updating your blog letting me know you'd been posting, so i thought you were hanging out under the radar... then i come over and realize you've posted tons!
so, that being said, lots to reply to: rent.. jealous. i know i said this before but i LOVE it. love it. and love rob bell. (haven't read that book, but still love him anyway).
your sweet dylan at the petting zoo/animal place... toooo cute w/ her saying hi to the animals' sounds!!
i have been craving alcohol in a weird way since i've never really been one to drink (esp beer, yuck) adn then i go off and see your infused vodka... hello! would love a girl's night and a freakin cocktail over here!!! sigh.
ok i think that was it... oh, and score on all that shwag you got... i'd say the shipping is forgivable since you live in teh boonies. lol ;)

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