goodie bag

i am a sucker for a deal, and if what you're pitching comes with something free, it's not a tough sell.

it's good i don't get out much to go shopping.

just look at all the free goodies that arrived in the mail today! is running two promotions that can overlap: spend $30 in their green/natural store and get the grocery tote full of samples, and spend $30 on burt's bees products and get their hand repair kit free.

ok, so i realize that having earth-friendly items shipped to me from wherever they are warehoused is not exactly, um, green. but, i don't even live in a town with its own drugstore, and i'd need to drive all the way to pittsburgh to get the stuff i can order online (like biokleen's bac-out that we use on dylan's diapers), so i figure it isn't the worst thing when there aren't local options.

plus, check out all that swag! natural and organic samples of snacks, lotions, lip balm, and cleaners. it was like christmas...

for nerds.


  1. I love freebies, too! Do you read

  2. HA! I laughed out loud when I got to the "for nerds." incredible!

    I wish I had all of that free stuff! I'm a little jealous...

    (because I'm a nerd, too.)

  3. oh i am too a sucker for freebies! you def. hit the mother load too!

  4. Nice stash! I love Burt's Bees. I think next year when your husband comes this way for camp recruitment you should tag along. We'd figure out something to do I'm sure.

  5. That it quite the good haul! I love Burts Bees too.

  6. Some day, please stop by the Ligonier Pharmacy. It's an old fashioned drug store - right in Ligonier! Anne Coyne is the owner and pharmacist and somehow, I think you'll like her. She's a gentle soul. The pharmacy is across from Dollar General. They stock an odd assortment of items that I can't get at Giant Eagle. If there is something you use regularly she might stock it for you.


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