so it begins

we hosted our 5th annual (has it really been that long?) memorial day cookout yesterday afternoon, and it was lovely. when we first started it, a lot of old pittsburgh friends made the trip out, and a few stalwarts came this year, too, but we've finally made some good friends here to pack out the yard.

the weather was warm and beautiful, and sixty-some people staked out spots all over the lawn to eat, and talk and play. we had a good crew of people from church, as well as folks from camp, and i was so happy that several women from MOPS came, along with their families.

dylan wore a sweet little sun dress and sun hat and loved interacting with all the people and kids, and perhaps most of all, the horses who arrived right before the party. she asked to go to the barn all day and is completely smitten. she also finally learned the word "horse," although more often than not, she calls them by her preferred name, "neigh."

i made this easy, unusual salad that was summery and delicious:
lots of cubed watermelon
crumbled feta cheese
a handful of halved kalamata olives
a modest amount of arugula, chopped small, as a garnish
the juice of one lemon
a drizzle of olive oil
a few grinds of black pepper

you could certainly serve it over lettuce, spinach, or a good amount of arugula, but i liked it as an un-green salad.

this weekend i also got to spend one wonderful day with my college friends who met up in west virginia for a bachelorette weekend. jim got off work and had a great time with dylan, and i had my first night away since she was born!

eleven of us rented a cute mountain house, and we cooked, caught up, razzed liz, and had a relaxing, fun time. this is the only picture i got, and it's only of a few us us, but here's ee, saya, lizzo the bride-to-be, and me and my baby belly:)

before i left for wva, i made this year's first trek to the farmers' market and got the season's first fresh strawberries and arugula, along with a pie, a giant bundle of green onions, and the not-to-be-missed pierogies grilled hot on site. mmmm!

today, jim's staff is arriving. summer is here.


Unknown said...

I don't think I knew you were pregnant! Congrats (though, I don't have the most reliable memory, so i may have just congratulated you for the second time! :) )

Jenney said...

Very cute baby belly!
Good luck on the upcoming camp season...I hope Dylan gets to ride horses often!

lauren debo said...

the paul's memorial day picnic! i so wished i lived near so i could have visited you guys! i remember treking up to ligonier w/ the bellefield girls. *sigh* sounds like it was a lovely day, and that salad sounds fantastic, i will have to try it!

Cathy said...

Congratulations!!! What a great weekend!

Stef said...

Oh man, summer IS here! I can't wait to get there in just a few days!

Misty said...

cute belly! sounds like an awesome picnic and time away w/ the gals!! both sound like a fun idea, tho it's getting much too hot here to do much outdoors!

Unknown said...

So glad the picnic was a success and more importantly that you had great girl time away. It is so important to have that time with friends. You look great Zan!

michelle said...

way to go getting away with the girls! isn't it so refreshing to the soul to be off duty?! (even if you do have to take baby 2 along for the ride?) ;)

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