for the love!

professional workplaces, it turns out, are not too thrilled about long work absences so that employees can pursue love, fame, or thrills on tv reality shows.

i know, it was a shocking revelation when real life actually crept in amidst the fantasy dates on last night's episode of The Bachelorette, and one contestant was told by his boss that if he stayed to vie for roses, he was guaranteed at least two things: a pink slip and a trip to the unemployement office.

so the intelligent man that he is, Ed left. even thought he felt a "connection" with Jillian, he was one of ten suitors, and really, he was probably going home sometime.

Jillian did not handle his leaving graciously. tears were cried, and she criticized him for putting work before love and not being willing to take a chance.

Ed was one of TEN love interests. they had been on ONE date together.

i think Jillian had a bad case of "you don't know what you got 'til it's gone," and she wanted Ed and every other man there to leave at her dismissal, not of their own choice.

it was a little ugly, especially when she confessed to the camera, "am i not good enough to make sacrifices for?"

ugh. why do women do THAT--tying their self-worth directly to some man's approval? and in this case, a near stranger?

yes Jillian, you are worth someone's sacrifice, but you're asking WAY too much too soon. it's appropriate to make career sacrifices for spouses, life partners, and perhaps a serious girlfriend or boyfriend, but it's desperate and foolish to give up one's career to compete for the attention of a woman whose heart is split ten ways.

i mean, c'mon!

besides, these reality show romances rarely last through editing, let alone make it to the altar. if (when?) things don't work out with whomever Jillian picks, she can always look up Ed and see what kind of "connection" they have when the cameras aren't rolling and ABC isn't planning dates and creating drama.

is anyone else watching this soap opera? what did you think?


Beth said...

i still have to watch last night's episode, but i have my favorites already. jake and kipton so far... who are you rooting for?

Jenney said...

I can't watch that stuff. It makes me sick to see them flirting/kissing/who knows what else all those people at once. I think that guy was smart to go home. Instead I watch things like Dateline and 48 hour mystery about people killing each other. MUCH nicer :o)

michelle said...

hehe. i watch this soap opera :)
you know, ed was one of the nicer guys, but you make a great point. i think what was hardest was her not knowing if he could have been "the one," but with the odds stacked against him, and ten other guys to beat out, i think ed made a wise decision. i think she was just wishing he would have known that work and tv would compete, and work would win. i guess if i was looking for love on tv, i'd be a little annoyed if one of the good guys wasn't exactly planning for the long haul and hadn't made appropriate arrangements.
i TOTALLY agree with your point about sacrifice, though. it's not for random girls you don't know very well.
and i have to add my faves: kiptyn, michael, and reid. i think if you could roll them all into one guy, jillian would be golden.

TAMI said...

Well, I don't watch the Bachelorette, but it sounds you've added a good dose of ACTUAL reality to something that sometimes fakes it!!

Beth said...

ok, i caught up on last night's episode. i did really like ed (plus he's CUTE!), but i would have made the same decision that he did. 1/10 isn't very good odds. and i think that she was only that upset because she wasn't in control anymore. wah.

imagine how much worse it would have been if he would have stayed, lost his job and she didn't end up picking him (or worse, felt guilted into picking him because he gave up his career for her).

i still really like jake (though she has to get over saying that he's perfect, she hardly knows him!) and kipton, though jesse is really growing on me too.

this is pathetic : )

suzannah | the smitten word said...

i think i like jesse and kipton most, but i did really like ed, as well as sasha, who got the boot too early. (why is tanner still lurking around? creeper!)

even though i always think the bachelor/bachelorette is ridiculous, i still love it. guilty pleasure:)

Debbie said...

I don't watch it but it sounds like that guy might actually be fairly intelligent! Good for him for leaving.

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