on hoarking, horses, and whole wheat pita

since this pregnancy, i seem to have lost my blogging rhythm. i've been getting sick, too--not as bad as with dylan, but it seems like i should be feeling better here in my 19th week.

it's been rainy and a little chilly, so dylan and i have been dividing out time mostly between the house, the barn, and having meals up at camp. the barn is definitely where dylan prefers to spend all her time. she can call most of the horses by name, loves to pet them, and isn't afraid in the least. she even got to sit up on one last week. dylan is an animal lover, to be sure. as soon as she wakes up in the morning or from a nap, dylan starts talking about the horses and the barn and asking to go visit.

(lionel richie is singing "dancing on the ceiling" on the view as a type, bringing back all sorts of memories of exuberant dancing around my living room to this tape, circa about 1987. oh yeah.)

i wanted to post the link to the recipe for the whole wheat pitas i tried out not too long ago. when the grocery store wanted something like 5 dollars for a tiny package of maybe four rounds, i decided to go the homemade route, considering i don't usually by a loaf of bread unless it's on sale for $2 or less.

the pitas were delicious and fairly easy, although a little time consuming, since you must let the dough rise a bit and you bake just two rounds at a time. still, it's easy, super-cheap, and totally worthwhile. (i think i used about half white flour and half whole wheat.)

i made them to go alongside middle eastern meatballs. those were just ok, so i won't post that recipe, but i did make a dipping sauce that was delicious--simply whole milk yogurt, fresh garlic, cumin, salt, and chopped parsley. mmmmmm:)

i'll definitely be making pita and yogurt sauce again.

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