goings on

seen... entire roll of toilet paper, painstakingly unrolled and delicately submerged in the toilet. (later painstakingly and delicately fished out by jim.)
...hand prints, smudges, and a general dusting of baby powder across dylan's carpet and clothes.


..."did it!" --dylan's favorite potty exclamation. (accuracy: ~50%)
..."hot dog!"--how dylan identified the twenty-four inch pepperoni stick she carried into the living room. she then attempted to gnaw through its packaging, but i was able to dissuade her. (thanks to camp cuisine, dylan is mildly obsessed with hot dogs, sausage, and most processed meats. they are all "hot dogs.")
..."elk," "moose," "deer," and "caribou." we subscribed to cable, and thanks to jim's favorite hunting channels and careful instruction, dylan is being
indoctrinatededucated in the ways of the woods. the child cannot differentiate between a sausage patty and a hot dog but knows the difference between and elk and a deer.

highlights of the week:

*picking black raspberries and blackberries with dylan
*a night off, dinner with friends, kids for dylan to play with, actual adult conversation, and participation in life apart from camp. (it does exist!)
*our garden's first banana pepper
homemade crepes and pizza on jim's day off
*good, interactive bible study with my staff
*laughter, swimming, and discoveries at the pool
*jim is out overnight with trip camp, and tomorrow he'll lead a day of rock climbing. highlighted not for his absence, but because it does his heart good to be in the woods.


Unknown said...

Love it! Dylan is so cute. We all have our initiation into the toilet paper roll club, glad Jim was the one who got to fish it out and not you :)
Hope you all are well, sounds like you have been enjoying the sweet moments of life.

Jenney said...

Oh my. When Baby J discovers toilet paper (and I'm betting he will) and if I leave the door open (That isn't even a bet, I forget constantly) I will have to hire Jim for TP duty...cause that just isn't my thing. Thankfully Snug has never ever been a toilet playing boy. But my #2 man? Undoubtably will be.

Penny said...

did I tell you about the time Tim put 6 rolls of new toilet paper into the toilet? *cack*

LOL about the hot dog :)

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