the young and the childless

yesterday, dylan stayed with her daddy while i spent the afternoon with meredith in pittsburgh en route to the airport. we had lunch at one of my favorite middle eastern restaurants and shopped in squirrel hill. it was a sunny, beautiful day, and it was refreshing to take off my mommy hat for a few hours.

i'm home with dylan, and with nursing, we've never spent more than a couple hours apart. there are a lot of reasons jim and i wanted to have kids close in age, but it does feel a little crazy now that dylan is getting to be a little independent that baby #2 is hot on her heels.

another margarita-less summer. sigh.

i missed little d, though, especially when we saw little dogs i knew she would love. it was a unfamiliar and lovely experience to shop without baby. after i dropped meredith at the airport, i went to ikea all by myself. then, just cuz i could, i went to trader joes. spending nearly five uninterrupted minutes picking out the perfect cheeses felt decadent.

driving past both of our old apartments, i felt a little heartsick. i miss living there so much. having kids there would be a much different experience than we had as newlyweds, but as i watched parents pushing strollers, city life still held its appeal.

watching bikers and noticing newly painted bike lanes made me miss riding, too. not that i'm in any shape to ride now, but in theory. a few weeks ago, i looked barely pregnant, and these days, i'm fielding the inevitable "when are you due?" question in the way that clearly means "you're looking like it's soon."

um, this baby is still 3+ months away. it's not soon.

admittedly, it kinda feels soon. long car rides and maternity pants are no longer my friend. i definitely got sick on the side of the road before we even made it to lunch. i need to remember it's stretchy yoga pants in the car from here on out. everything else is too constricting. already.

the front speakers in my car don't work, so i don't usually play much music in the car in an effort not to overwhelm little ears, but the vacant car seat meant i could pump up the volume. strangely, every song that played was a sort of 90s ode to youth: violent femmes, counting crows, weezer, bush, everclear, green day. the whole day was like a walk back in time.

but after a long day, it was wonderful to come home, change into pjs, and cuddle up on our non-newlywed couch in our grown-up house and watch a dvd with jim. and this morning, to play finger puppets with dylan and all be together on jim's day off.

it's not city living, and it's not glamorous, but it's a lovely life we share.
(photo: ikea)


The Hamons said...

Amen, friend! Funny how things change, both good and bad, but all in all nothing we'd trade in!

Unknown said...

a great tribute to life and the way things change, memories are wonderful but they truly cannot compete with the present life we lead and the experiences that lie ahead. Glad you got some time alone to enjoy yourself and reflect.

Misty said...


O'Brien said...

YES!!! A and I just had our first "date" since the little one came along. We spent majority of the time talking about and missing her. However, it was wonderful to have a quiet meal.

Debbie said...

That sounds like a great night and morning!

Cathy said...

it's hard to reconcile all the changes we make in life, and try to take the good with the bad. My kids love Weezer, so I'm fortunate that I can listen to them in the car while I'm chauffering. :)

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