confessions of a less-than-passionate homemaker

i once took at quiz at work to find out if i was energized by tasks or people. not surprisingly, people won out big, which was good news, since i was a youth pastor and not, say, a computer programmer.

tasks just don't do it for me.

i'm not a listmaker. (except grocery lists. i love grocery lists.) i'm not especially organized, and i don't get super amped-up about accomplishing tasks or checking things off my list. i'm not really that big on goal setting, either.

(i do like finishing crafty projects***, but creating something falls into a realm separate from "tasks" in my mind.)

so when it comes to stuff around the house, i'm not exactly a domestic diva.

i do love cooking, and i especially love cooking for friends and family. i will also clean the heck out of my house in the interest of hospitality when we're expecting company, but i have a hard time motivating myself to accomplish daily household chores.

not to alarm you or anything. you don't need to report us to oprah or one of those reality shows that exposes dirty houses or people with hoarding compulsions. i don't like clutter, and i handle my business--i just wish i experienced more of a sense of accomplishment when it comes to household tasks.

i know no one really likes doing housework, but do those "energized by tasks" people find more satisfaction in a job well done?

i don't mind doing things with immediate results. i like to vacuum, i don't mind laundry, and i actually love hanging clothes outside on the line. it's the stuff that needs to be re-done constantly (dishes) that drives me crazy, and the chores without the obvious visual payoff (dusting) i tend to avoid altogether.

we have this awful hunter green counter top in our upstairs bathroom that shows every streak, watermark and smudge and is dirty almost immediately after being cleaned. it makes me not want to bother. so often i don't.

our kitchen floor is also one of those floors that always looks dingy, even if it's freshly mopped, which again, made me less-than-inclined to break out the mop. i found a satisfying "cheat," however--i bought one of those steam mops.

our floor is so bad that it isn't quite the miracle worker i'd hoped for, but it cleans without chemicals, and the floor dries about a million times faster than after my sponge mop had had its way with it--both important factors with a toddler underfoot. mopping my floor is now a regular (rather than semi-annual!) task.

how do you motivate yourself to do unpleasant chores?

***i'd wanted to decoupage a keepsake hat box with dylan's shower/baby cards ever since i saw the beautiful one my sister tiffany did with her wedding cards. now that dylan is almost two, i finally did it, and it turned out so great!


Jenney said...

I LOVE lists as I am very task oriented. I hate houseowrk too, for the most part, but making a list and checking stuff off does it for me. I HATE dishes, trying to keep my kitchen floor clean (I SO feel you on that), and picking up messes I JUST cleaned.
However, cooking, canning, gardening, laundry, and sewing...count me in!

Brenda said...

steph, the crockpot lady has a new blog that I'm liking a lot. Totally Together. It has good ideas for home organization.

Penny said...

my pet peeve is ironing. UGH.

Debbie said...

I don't motivate myself. Maybe we can both learn something here!

O'Brien said...

I don't clean, I pick up, a very nice lady comes twice a month and cleans my floors, it is my husbands gift to me. I don't iron, cloths just get warn. Other then that I just see what needs done and get to it eventually. Thanks for the comments on my're a great momma also:)

Misty said...

ditto your friend jenney exactly.
i'm finally coming out of my nursing induced isolation, lol... random question: are you on facebook?

Kay Aker said...

I always love reading your musings!

Cathy said...

i'm not a people person, and i still hate housekeeping. :)

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