dropping like flies

it's been quite the infirmary around here lately. on thursday, after almost a week of feeling like junk, i passed out in the kitchen, scaring the heck out of poor dylan. nothing like putting a little fear of God into your toddler to kick off a super great day. (i'm fine now. the midwife told me to take some sudafed for the cold and stay hydrated, and i haven't been dizzy since.)

last night, jim came home from work golfing with a fever and went straight to bed.

then this morning at the farmers' market, dylan uncharacteristically started to cry. i thought maybe she'd been stung or something. we came home and couldn't find any marks, but figured out her poor arm was injured. (please don't call child protective services; i promise, i did not yank or pull her!) jim immobilized her arm in a little bandana sling, and i took her to the doctor, who was in, even though she does not ordinarily keep saturday office hours. as soon as i took the sling off, dylan started to cry again, but the doctor gently bent her elbow, and it clicked back into place. she was instantly better and used that arm to reach for a lollipop.

i am SO THANKFUL the doctor was in and that it was such an easy fix. the nearest hospital no longer officially takes kids, and the last time we were there, they sent us in an ambulance to children's hospital. instead, within twenty minutes, we were done. God is so gracious!

now, i'm totally paranoid about dislocating her elbow again. (apparently, it's a pretty common injury in kids.) we were at tj maxx, and dylan was holding my hand and started to pull, and my heart about dropped. dylan almost never cries, even when she gets immunizations, and i don't want to see her in that kind of pain again any time soon.

i think we're finally turning a corner, health-wise. dylan is fine, jim's fever is gone, and our colds are beginning to relinquish their evil grasp. tomorrow jim is off from work, and we'll enjoy a family sabbath together. we're looking forward to some vacation time in the not-too-distant future. i can almost taste it.


TAMI said...

Whoa. What a crazy week you've had. So glad you didn't get hurt when you fainted!

aussiehen said...

very common injury in toddlers, happened to my sister when she tripped while Mum was holding her arm.
I wonder how it hasn't happened to Jacob the way he sometimes hangs off my arm.
I hope you all feel better soon

Unknown said...

Yikes, very glad to hear that everyone is on the mend. Hug each other and know that we love you!

Unknown said...

Oh no! Glad everyone is on the mend. Hope you all stay hydrated, intact and upright. :)

Penny said...

Oh my.... :(
Stay well!

Kristen said...

How, exactly, does a hospital not take kids??!!??

That is ridiculous!!

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