summer days, drifting away

last weekend, jim got a whole four days off from camp, and we enjoyed some fantastic family time. on thursday, we spent a normal day off, just hanging out at home. on friday we took dylan to the pittsburgh zoo, which she absolutely loved.

on saturday, we drove down to DC for the wedding of my college roommate, liz. everything was beautiful, and it was so great seeing so many good friends.

we stayed at a nice hotel on capitol hill and spent sunday morning in their rooftop pool.

sunday afternoon, liz's parents had everyone over to their home for vast quantities of paella and lots of good catching up. dylan was so good all weekend. she slept well in the hotel and handled all the traveling like a pro. the whole long weekend was such a refreshing blessing.

then, the last week of camp pretty much flew by. campers left yesterday, we had a lovely staff banquet, and now, it's over. we worshiped at st. micheal's all together for the first time since june, and it is so good to look forward to having jim home more. things will still be busy, especially over the next few weeks, but nothing compared to the rigors of summer camp schedule.

it was a good summer. God worked tremendously in the lives of kids and staff. we sweated and grew and loved and learned and laughed and played and served and worked hard.

we made it through:)


Stef said...

it's strange to be home, but so good to think about all the blessings from the summer! thanks for letting me enjoy your company, and dylan's...i'll miss being called "BEF!" all the time :)

Penny said...

Yay for summer weddings :)

We're heading into spring and enjoying the spring flowers.

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