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jim and i had our seven year anniversary on monday, and i wanted to post a wedding picture, but we can't seem to get our printer to scan. we didn't exactly celebrate our anniversary anyway, since i woke up sunday with a head cold that only seems to worsen. being 31 weeks pregnant and sick is not a fun combo. i could seriously sleep all day, except for the busy little person who requires my constant entertainment and supervision.

we did enjoy a visit from my parents and friend mariah this weekend, though, which was so great and unusual, since so many friends and family live so far away. dylan loved having her 'amma, pappa, and 'riah's attention all weekend, and we were thankful to spend time together.

at our church, dylan is often the only one in the nursery. it is not a huge exaggeration to say that we are among the only people of childbearing age here in the land of the retired. i imagine that a lot of congregants aren't around pregnant women very much, so i guess i shouldn't take it personally when they ask me when the baby is due, and i reply "in October," and their eyes grow wide and their jaws actually drop.

i shouldn't take that personally, right?

yes, i feel big and achey, but i swear i don't look like i'm ready to deliver yesterday. but thanks for the encouragement.

obviously, i'm not going to post a "me at 31 weeks!" belly shot, but here is a video of dylan on her swing.


TAMI said...

We want the belly shot!! How else are we going to be able to tell you whether jaw dropping is appropriate or not??!! =)

Penny said...

Belly shot! belly shot! belly shot!

Kay Aker said...

People are just ignorant about the different stages of prenancy. Pregnant woman are gorgeous. Flaunt it. Very cute swinging.

Unknown said...

I love hearing mama, papa and baby laughs! And while I am not partial to shots, I would take a 31 week belly shot from you. :)

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