toddler prayers

dylan loves to pray. if we've sat down and forgotten to say grace, (or if she feels that once isn't sufficient,) she'll reach out her hands, bow her head low, and implore, "pray?"

at bedtime, after prayers, sometimes the child just wants a little more face time with Jesus.

"pray?" she'll ask.

"we just prayed, baby. what else do you want to pray for?"


sometimes, then, she'll add the names of horses or summer staff, and we'll offer up a little blessing on their behalf. tonight, it went a little something like this:


"ok, i'll say, 'thank you God,' and then you say what you want to thank God for. thank you God for..."

and dylan whispered, "hotdogs."


Penny said...

Oh that is just so beautiful and funny! :) be thankful for the little things eh?

bethany said...

hahaha, amazing! well, weve been praying since before she was born that she'd become a woman of prayer :)

Stef said...

incredible. there is no other word to describe it.

michelle said...

SO cute. last night dave asked elias to pray at dinner and (after he finished chewing, and took a nice longgg drink) he closes his eyes and says "thank you God for making lunch. amen." !! i was like, hey- wait a sec, i cooked dinner ;)

Kay Aker said...

What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

i love hotdogs too! and you - miss you

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