how to treat nausea in pregnancy

when i was pregnant with dylan, i threw up nearly every day, all three trimesters, up until labor at the hospital. i spent a lot of time on the couch and kneeling over the toilet. i missed worked and received IV fluids at the hospital. it wasn't exactly my favorite.

with this pregnancy, i've not been nearly as sick, (thank you, Lord), but i still feel nauseated quite a bit. these are the things that have helped me to cope.

EAT. OFTEN. this is obvious, but eating small snacks throughout the day (and not waiting too long between meals) can alleviate nausea and sometime prevent vomiting. i handled toast, applesauce, nuts, fruit, and cheese pretty well. chocolate milk sometimes made me feel better, and i think it also helped with heartburn. sometimes just sucking on lollipops or hard candy was helpful.  the green apples suggested in the comments did indeed provide short term relief, too.

my midwife suggested taking the mild, over-the-counter sleep aid UNISOM for nausea, and it has been a lifesaver. you shouldn't take anything without clearing it first with your midwife or doctor, but it's worth asking about. Unisom has the same active ingredient as a prescription medicine that used to be prescribed for nausea in pregnancy. it was never deemed unsafe but was taken off the market when companies became wary of giving the okay for anything for pregnant or nursing woman, for fear of lawsuits.

i'll talk half a tablet during the day and a whole tablet if i feel sick at bedtime. i was able to take it at work without feeling tired, but my sister-in-law can't take it unless she is able to nap. everyone is different, but it's kept me functional, and i've been so grateful.

i think another reason i've not been so sick this pregnancy is that i'm getting MORE REST. the first time around, i was working full time, but now i try to take a nap most afternoons when dylan does. if you can't get a nap, try going to bed a little earlier. i think more sleep really does make a difference in curbing pregnancy-related nausea.

my sister-in-law added one more weapon in my anti-nausea arsenal: a bottle of essential oils, including basil, lavender, and peppermint. she got it from a masseuse, along with instructions that she have her husband rub her feet with it every night. essential oils are known to have natural, medicinal benefits (but do your research--not all are suitable for pregnancy).

christie swears by this oil and saw a radical reduction in her pregnancy sickness. i haven't noticed quite as big a difference, but i'm all for an excuse to have my husband rub my tired feet after long, hot days of chasing a toddler and carrying around extra pregnancy weight:)

i've since heard great things about B6 VITAMINS (especially in conjunction with Unisom), PAPAYA ENZYME TABLETS, and GINGER.

i was prescribed Zofran after an afternoon of IV fluids at the hospital, and it worked wonders...until the side effects kicked in.  The work I missed dealing with those effects was infinitely more unpleasant than the near-constant vomiting, so i offer that as a caution.  Of course, all bodies react differently.

Feeling healthy and strong while pregnant works for me.  If you have any other tips that helped you curb pregnancy nausea, we'd love to hear them in the comments.


sunnymama said...

Glad you round some remedies that are helping! Thanks for visiting my blog today :)

Val, Brax and Harper said...

ZOFRAN! the ONLY thing that works for my ALL DAY nausea. of course, not everyone wants to take prescription drugs, and without insurance it is CRAZY expensive, but i wouldn't be able to continue working thru my pregnancy without it! i'm almost 13 weeks... hopefully i get over this soon!

Amy said...

I'm with the commentor above... the only thing that curbed my all-day nausea was a combination of Zofran and a Reglan pump. Then again, I had severe hyperemesis & spent a lot of time in the hospital. Ugh.

Peppermint helps my non-pregnant self when I feel nauseated.

I have heard that ginger, as in ginger ale or ginger tea... really helps some women, too.

I hope you find relief from this and get to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! :)

My WFMW post today is about about organizing coupons by sale/ store each week. Not at all pregnancy relate, but stop on by if you're interested!

Angela said...

Great ideas! Especially not ever getting too hungry (or too full!). Something that worked great for me in my first pregnancy was to eat a little bit of something when I was starting to wake, but before I had gotten out of bed. I found that dried fruit worked the best for me since it was not too heavy, but not as dry as plain crackers. I would eat a few bites and try to wait another 10-20 minutes before getting up out of bed. If I did this, the rest of my day I would feel great. If I got up in a rush and didn't take the time to do this, I would have bad nausea and vomiting the rest of the day.

Berji's domain said...

Great tips! I'm just ending the pregnancy nausea. Little meals and little snacks helped me as did the essential oils. I only needed a couple sniffs of peppermint to help me (especially in the morning). Lavender really helps me with headaches. Ginger tea helped with after-dinner digestion.

Penny said...

I'm one of those people you will feel cross at because I had very little nausea at all - just a tad in my first trimesters. Like you, regular snacks seemed to help. Some folks swear by lemons and things with ginger in them. I did have a lot of heart burn and nothing really worked for long but drinking lots of water and some yoghurt did help alleviate it. My friend used "sea bands" for her nausea - wrist bands that press on an anti-nausea pressure point.

ash said...

Hey Suzannah!!! The one thing, besides eating protein, that helped with my all day "just not feeling well" feeling was a probiotic... I swear by it now. Took it with both my last 2 pregnancies and recommend it to all my pregnant friends! I love the tummy tuneup from works wonders and helps with bloat! I usually bloat right away and look pregnant at 5 weeks pregnant!!! Taking this helped me lose some of that water retention. Hope this is helpful! Love ya!

Niki Jolene said...

Great tip! I get crazy-sick when preggo.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Suz ~ Here at the camp infirmary we have a new miracle cure for nausea . . . green apples! Don't know why in the world it helps to eat one when you are feeling sick, but it does! Wonder if they will help with morning sickness too???? LVS :)

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