anticipating two under two in diapers

i got a fantastic deal on ten little cloth diapers and eleven covers in all sizes on ebay, which more than doubles our collection of covers. we are set for two babes in cloth.

(dylan's interest in potty training has definitely waned. she asks to use the toilet maybe twice a day, but i don't foresee her being diaper-free for a while, and that's fine. she's still a munchkin!)

these new diapers seem tiny but supposedly fit 8-20 lbs. they're a brand that we already use but a different style. we already have two dozen little prefolds, two dozen bigger prefolds that fit dylan, and about a dozen "one-size-fits-all" diapers that will definitely fit dylan better than james for a good long while. we didn't start dylan in cloth until she was three months, but we ought to be able to put james in cloth much sooner.

after being away from home and having dylan in disposables for a week, i'm glad to have her back in cloth, and i'm thankful to have enough little diapers and covers to get james into them when he's big enough. we created a staggering amount of household waste when dylan was an infant, and i'm looking forward to less of that this time around.

plus, super-padded cloth-diapered baby bottoms are just adorable;)


Becky said...

I remember getting Megan's tiny diapers and it was so exciting- tiny diapers and tiny socks do it for me every time. FYI- we went with thirsties covers in XS with kissaluv 0s and found them to be bulletproof. :-)

Penny said...

*squee* little baby diapers!! so cute! ;-)

Lydia was in cloth pretty much as soon as I was confident the legs were tight enough to prevent blow outs. I think that was when she was 2 weeks or so. Mind you, she was quite a big baby.

Jenney said...

PLEASE keep us updated (you know, in all your free time) on how diapering a newborn goes. James was almost 2 and Jack almost 4 months when we the newborn thing is kinda scary to me.

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