on the road

we are back from a whirlwind of a week away with family and friends. we stayed with my parents and sister tiffany in the philadelphia area and my sister bethany and dylan's godparents in brooklyn, and we also squeezed in visits with my brother and grandma, as well as a day trip to the jersey shore. it was a busy week with A LOT of driving, but it was great spending time with people we love and don't see nearly enough. it was also wonderful to be together as a family and away from camp. when you live where you work, you have to physically get away sometimes in order to really feel "off."

as dylan is an extraordinarily reluctant model (and we are lazy photographers), we don't have a lot of pictures, but here are a few:
hanging with pappahugs and kisses with great grandma (or "bamma" as dylan calls her.)

we were sitting down to dinner when dylan looked at my mom and then my grandma, and announced, "bammas!" indeed.dylan LOVED the beach--the ocean, the sand, the waves, the sun--she loved it all. i only wish we could have spent more time, but only one day was forecasted to be sunny and warm, so we just made a day trip to bell mar. when we left ligonier, the temperature was in the forties and rainy (making packing a tricksy puzzle), but God blessed us with one perfect beach day, and it was the best.

i said i wouldn't post a belly shot, and yet, there you are;)

the top photo is from a winery we visited. to dylan's delight, everywhere we went we saw animals--lots of cats and dogs, tiny ponies, and some of the dirtiest sheep ever. she was thrilled.

we got in late last night and have had all day at home to rest and recover. it's good to be home.


Penny said...

Lookin' good there Mamma :) Looks like D is enjoying those waves :)

Beth said...

you are absolutely adorable! all belly - no wonder it's a boy. glad you had a great trip : )

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