may be innappropriate for children under 2

im and dylan love to watch animal programs on tv together. ok, and hunting programs. she doesn't really seem to notice the difference, yet.

the other day, they were watching something about deer, when a warning came onto the screen:

ATTENTION: The following program may contain images that are disturbing to some viewers.

jim continued to watch, dylan on his lap. i shot him a look that clearly said, "really?? you're gonna watch this with our toddler??"

deftly interpreting my telepathic message, he responded, "it's just hunting. no big deal."

then the show's announcer enticingly proclaimed:

"a 600 lb marlin spears a teenager IN THE FACE!!! and we have it ALL ON FILM!!!"

disturbing? what, this?

wide-eyed and laughing, jim quickly got the tv off in time to spare young (and not-so-young) eyes from unspeakable horrors. crisis averted.


TAMI said...

Okay - isn't it "funny" how seeing someone speared in the face by a marlin is something that anyone would try to make enticing??!! I can't tell you how many times my husband has been absent-mindedly watching a television program that is totally inappropriate for young kids, and yet there they are. Aargh. Sounds like you've safely averted this instance!!

Misty said...

i was watching the wather channel of all things and did the jump off the couch trying not to drop avery so i could reach the remote to turn the tv off b/cs it was showing a horror movie trailer.. and those things scare ME. it's made me aware not to just leave the tv mindlessly on all day b/cs you can't count on the commercials all that much!

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