sunny day, sweeping the clouds away

dylan and i were watching sesame street, and who did we see, but neil patrick harris, performing a sweet-awesome song and dance as the shoe fairy.


in the eighties, did actors and musicians do cameos, or is that a newer innovation?

apparently, not much else is new on sesame street: check out gordon, luis, and maria in the background, all still hanging out:)


lauren debo said...

LOL! so funny I actually saw that episode with the kiddos I watch a couple weeks ago! i def. don't remember such cameos before, then again maybe i didn't notice as a kid.

however, I've also seen Jessica Alba, Jenna McCartney, Jamie Foxx, and this great rap that LL Cool J did with Elmo about numbers! it was hilarious. (just to name a few)

Mary Ann Hartzell said...

I remember Candace Bergen behaving badly with some of the characters during her Murphy Brown years and the Muppets singing, "Sometimes people are mean" in

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