first week on earth

dylan is a fantastic big sister. her first words in the morning are usually "see baby james" followed by "kiss head," "kiss ear," or "kiss nose." (i'm not sure where she got the idea to kiss his ears, but it's pretty adorable.) the other day jim got her up and brought her into bed with us. she snuggled up close to the baby and said "cuddle it now." yesterday, i was changing dylan's diaper and james was hanging out on the bed cooing and making gurgly baby noises that dylan interpreted as sneezes: "God bless you, baby! God bless you!"

i think he looks like his uncle josh here.

if someone can take a not-unattractive picture of my whole face, i would be more than happy to post it;) until then, you'll have to make due with this, (mom).

we're all doing well around here--resting/(not resting), playing, reading, hanging out, enjoying family time, praying against sickness, and eating the meals generously provided to us. it's been a good first week.


Unknown said...

As cute as James is, Dylan is totally capturing my heart! There's room for both. :)

I wish I could see your face....after you toss aside your shiny, hot hair! Seriously, as I scrolled down, I thought I came across an ad. :)

Stay well and enjoy the beautiful family.

Penny said...

awww - it's so sweet when they interact so kindly.

bethany said...

"kiss ear", kills me, my heart cant take it, too cute.

Jenney said...

Oh! Keep those pictures comeing! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, cute kids and a lovely blog! I just found you and will be back to read more. I have triplets newborns so I know how hard work babies can be! Make srue you get lots of rest!

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