happy birthday, 2 year old!

happy birthay, dylan elizabeth. you bring so much joy to our hearts and home.

you are bright and inquistive, and your eye for detail continually surprises us. you are constanting observing, processing, and learning from the world around you.

you're a tough kid: when you take a spill, dad tells you to "shake it off," and you do, every time:)

you make us laugh all the time, like when you clench and raise both fists and declare "excited!" or when you point at me in a tank top and count "two milks: one, two!" (note to self, no tank tops in public for a while!)

you are your father's daughter, imploring always to "go outside," "shoot bow," and "see deer." and of course, you're my girl, too, with your love of books and words.

you never met an animal you didn't like, and you love your family, far and near. you are already a fantastic big sister--kind, affectionate, and so helpful.

we are so thankful for you, sweet girl!

poor thing was sick for her birthday--fever and everything--but we still made cupcakes and our sweet friends came over , figuring they'd already been exposed.
this (and most) of these pictures are ridiculously blurry, but not anymore ridiculous than those sunglasses;)
licking the beaters is the best
checking out the great kitchen set from grammy and poppy

even today, she's still not all better. (her b-day was yesterday.) we'll probably skip church and have a low-key day at home tomorrow.

something must have clicked with dylan turning two, because tonight she is asleep in the big girl bed that that she's been refusing to sleep in for about two months. amazing!


O'Brien said...

Sorry you are sick Birthday girl.
I love the kitchen set, do you know where they got it? We just finished putting together a play area in our loft because we will have 5 kids at our house for Thanksgiving. Have a nice down day

Penny said...

Happy birthday Dylan!

Kay Aker said...

Dig those shades!

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