sweet baby james

i realize that i have an infant son and like two pictures of him, but the thing is, i'm ALWAYS holding him, and if he's not nursing or sleeping, he's pretty much crying. not exactly a formula for great baby pics. yesterday, i did get a good crying shot, complete with down-turned lip and quivering chin (oh, the quivering chin!), but even if i wanted to post it i couldn't. our internet and computer situation is less-than-optimal. we have two hand-me-down computers--a PC that refuses to go online but stores our photos, and a Mac that barely goes online. it's letting me type this, but it's only partially reading the page and deleted my post the last time i wrote it. so, no picture posting in the immediate future...

shall i just tell you about the baby?

he is getting BIG. at three weeks james weighs almost 11 lbs, a milestone itty bitty dylan didn't reach for months. of course, he's still a wee little newborn, but he's so much bigger than he was at birth. he's a good nurser, evidenced by his chubby cheeks and double chin;)

james is STRONG. he was actually born with the thick, muscular thighs i never thought existed on babies. his strong legs make diapering a little bit of a challenge!

and speaking of diapering, we tried out the cloth diapers i got on ebay, and it turns out, they weren't such a great find after all. they were listed to fit an 8-20 lbs babe, but they are already too small. they must have sent me size newborn instead, and as james doesn't have scrawny newborn legs, they're unusable. boooo. we have usable covers and prefolds, but i was really looking forward to having little fitted diapers for him.

james is a good sleeper. he only wakes twice a night, so we're actually feeling pretty well rested, which is a huge praise. the downside is that he's sleeping with us now, and we'd really like to get him into his own bed. i hope that once he has more wakeful time and begins to establish more regular sleep patterns, we'll be able to get him to sleep on his own in his cradle or pack 'n play for longer stretches. but in the meantime, it IS nice to snuggle with my sweet baby:)

well, james is actually contently awake in my arms, which hasn't happened much, so i should go enjoy. of course, dylan is having a tantrum. you can't win 'em all!


Misty said...

suzannah, i'm so happy to hear you're getting rest! sorry he's a bit of a crier, tho! i can't believe avery is 4 months already, so i promise, the time flies!! mine's got the super athletic legs as well--love those chunky thighs! i'm sooo happy nursing is going well, what a blessing! and boo on too small cloth dipes. we could only use our fitteds for a short period. i confess i'm straight up using sposies right now b/cs w/ 3 in dipes i just can't keep up w/ the laundry and i need a break somewhere (even if my wallet isn't feeling it!)
hope you and your hubby are doing great! is dylan fascinated by james yet? is she in love w/ him!?

Jenney said...

Well I can't wait to see pictures...He sounds adorable! That is so too bad about your diapers, I would not be real happy. Are you guys planning on (sorry if this is too personal) having more kids? If you are not, and you want to redeem some of your money on the little ones that do not fit, I am in the market for newborn size diapers. Not sure what you'd charge, but just putting it out there. Of course, having 3 or more is terrific, so you may just want to save them and try them next time :o)

Penny said...

oh bummer about the diapers :(

Juggling two is a bit of a drama but it does get better. Glad he's feeding up well though.

Tasha said...

He is soooooo cute! Yay for baby!

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