trick or treat

kids in animal ears = one of my favorite things
it is nearly impossible to capture a real smile on this child, but at least this beats the wide-open, mouth agape that we often get when we request a smile!

that tail!
we took dylan out for her first trick-or-treating, and i was so glad not to miss it. the business district in our town hands out candy to kids, and it was such a festive atmosphere. dylan really enjoyed herself and was such a polite trick-or-treater. then we met up with friends, and jim took dylan up another street while james and i hung out. he did not wear a costume; he just slept in the sling the whole time. maybe next year he'll be a kangaroo--it's actually size 6-12 months!


beammy said...

Your wonderful family makes my heart smile. She is the best kangaroo ever!!!! Love you big time! beammy

Mary Ann Hartzell said...

How adorable<3 So much cuteness -- It just makes
me giggle! I love the back view. She looks like she
could have just come out of the "100 Acre Woods"
with Kanga and Roo. Oh, I can't wait to hug her in person and hold Baby James. Love and kisses to
dear Family Paul! Mom and Bammah

mom said...

I can't get enough of these pictures; I'm back again.:o]
They just delight me and they bring back memories of
your first Halloweens. At 7 months you were a precious little white bunny in a fuzzy suit. At 19 months you were Raggedy Ann charming all our new
neighbors with, "twick or tweet pease?" So small, so
dear, such happy memories! Thanks for the pictures!

ps. That back view with the basket could be a card!

Penny said...

Cute Kanga!

Ears are cute... but I'm all about tails....

Heather of the EO said...

Look! She's baby wearing :)

Your kids are gorgeous!

Thank you for coming by and for your kind words on my motherhood post. Thank you!

Jenney said...

Oh that is so cute! I love that she had a baby kangaroo in her pocket too!

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