it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

proof in pictures that i have two kids...

dylan was at one point also wearing a santa skirt (a la Mean Girls), but when i put her in a disposable diaper, it no longer stayed up, so she rocked the ever-chic boots/leg warmers/diaper look for a bit around the house.

our tree is mostly decorated as of tonight, but it took three days. it is hard completing any task around here these days! dylan absolutely loves the tree and lights.

an exchange tonight between jim and dylan:

"santa's coming!"
"what's santa gonna bring, dylan?"
"food? what kind of food?"

maybe he will...

whenever either jim or i have both children in our arms or on our laps, dylan always says, "my kids!"

my kids, indeed:)


michelle said...

cute cute CUTE! love dylan's broccoli comment :)

Jenney said...

You go Dylan!

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

So cute!

Penny said...

Lydia thinks he's bringing penguins so why not broccoli!

Mary Ann Hartzell said...

Oh my gosh...warm a Grandma's <3 They are precious! The happy! sad;( shots of James just cracked me up! He's bigger than he was at Thanksgiving already! And Dylan is a Christmas Angel even without her red velvet snowflake skirt. What's the mean girl

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