a very handmade christmas

well, not handmade by me: i'm not that crafty! the MOPS group i go to is having a craft exchange and i'm bringing little jars of vodka that i infused with cranberries and oranges, because i really don't know my way around a sewing machine or glue gun.

maybe someday i'll learn to create beautiful things, like these lovelies that i have on good authority will be waiting under the tree for miss dylan elizabeth. it turns out santa does his christmas shopping on etsy:)

tiny tutu + hair bow = so much frilly, girly cuteness!

a beautiful sling, so dylan can wear her babies, too

and this one isn't for sure, but it is just so cool. it's an "i spy" game--something dylan is pretty into right now. so we'll see...

is santa bringing your loved ones anything you're pretty excited about?


Penny said...

those tutu's are so easy to make and don't involve sewing ;-)

Love the sling. I made Lydia a front pack for her babies... Santa gets things from old material stashes too. It's made from some material my mum made me some undies from! LOL!

Jenney said...

Oh I am loving that sling! I can't WAIT to get stuff for Hannah on esty. I haven't found that much great stuff I'd want for the boys.

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